The current job market may at first glance not appear favourable to job seekers as the global recession has resulted in more job seekers and thus more demand for openings. We have noted this on and its current 17 city sites, where we have seen a spike in interest over the last 24 months.

Despite the increase in jobseekers, the main challenge companies face is still finding the right candidate for the right job.

How can candidates increase their chances of being deemed the right candidate?

One major differentiator is an MBA and at MBAin we focus exclusively on serving the needs of an audience eager to better understand the benefits of business education.

Welcome to MBAin!

MBAin is an international platform for business schools to engage with talented candidates and professionals around Europe. The site integrates the latest social media tools to create a rich online experience for its audiences, while creating a powerful network of talented young professionals.
MBAin focuses exclusively on the needs of our audience to better understand the benefits of furthering their business education and features information on a variety of MBA programmes.
Being part of this network will benefit your business school by increasing your visibility and providing access to a large audience of highly qualified candidates, which you will be able to engage with the MBAin platform.
MBAin is part of . is the leading European network for recruiters looking beyond national borders within Europe in their search for the most talented professionals. Besides the 17 city sites (Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Brussels, Geneva, London, Munich, Madrid, Zurich, Dublin, Rome, Milan, Paris) that form the JobsinHubs portal, we have recently added JobsinGreen and MBAin. Find more information about the Network here.

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