The Hubs Family is composed of 17 city websites all around Europe and also target 2 main sectors of the employment World, the Green sector and the IT sector.

Take a look here under at the list of our existing websites, the list is still growing and many other websites are in the pipeline of our team.
If you think that one is missing right now, don’t hesitate to contact us as it always possible to make our family bigger very quickly. (Europe)

Recruit beyond borders for your European vacancies

Find first-rate talent for international positions by looking beyond borders. The JobsinHubs network targets high-level professionals pursuing the most prestigious positions, wherever these might be available in Europe. (Europe)

Match your sustainability efforts with the right talent

Sustainability is increasingly a game-changer for companies, demanded by customers and employees alike. Ensure that you find the right talent to develop the practice within your organization. Look no further than JobsinGreen. (Europe)

Looking for IT talent? Find the finest IT minds in Europe right here

 The rapid development of technology makes it ever more important to fill IT positions with the best talent from around Europe. Second best will no longer do. Look no further than JobsinIT (Belgium)

Find talent for your posts in Brussels and across Belgium

As the capital of the European Union, Brussels is the focal point for professionals looking for careers in organisations that operate vis-à-vis the European institutions or in one the many European HQs situated in the city. Reach the best and the brightest via JobsinBrussels. (The Netherlands)

Recruit for jobs based in Amsterdam and elsewhere in The Netherlands

 Reach professionals looking for high-profile positions in the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has traditionally been a highly attractive destination for individuals from across Europe. Now home to numerous institutions and HQs of some of the world’s top companies, it attracts some of the foremost European professionals. (France)

Recruit for positions in Paris and other cities in France

 Get in touch with professionals who want to work in Paris. A jewel amongst the capitals of Europe and the epicentre of one of Europe’s largest economies, Paris is an extremely attractive destination for high-profile professionals. Ever more so as it shifts inexorably towards a leadership position in high-value-added service industries and high-tech manufacturing. (London) (UK)

Recruit beyond borders for your vacancies in London and across UK

 Enrich your recruitment pool: connect with the most highly qualified professionals from across the continent to find the best pan-European talent for jobs in London. Often cited as the ‘capital of the world’, its standing as one of the world’s largest financial centres and home to innumerable British and international companies and organisations, makes it arguably the most attractive destination for jobseekers from around Europe using the JobsinHubs network. (Ireland)

Recruit beyond borders for your vacancies in Dublin and across Ireland

 Enrich your recruitment pool: get in touch with professionals from across Europe looking to work in the Irish capital. Greater Dublin is home to a large number of European headquarters and operational bases of global pharmaceutical, information and communications technology, financial and insurance companies. Combined with its friendly, small-town feel, Dublin remains a popular destination for high-profile jobseekers. (Switzerland)

Find international talent for your open vacancies in Geneva and elsewhere in Switzerland

 Ours is the portal to get in touch with people looking to work in one of the most desirable locations in Europe. Peaceful, cosmopolitan and situated idyllically on its namesake lake, Geneva is simultaneously a major financial centre and home to numerous UN agencies, international organisations and companies working vis-à-vis these. (Switzerland)

Recruit beyond borders for jobs based in Zurich and other Swiss cities

 Reach people seeking to work in the Swiss capital, the bustling home to a number of major global banking giants and one of the foremost research and development centres for numerous multinationals operating in major industries such as pharma and chemicals. (Denmark)

Find international talent for jobs in Copenhagen and across Denmark

 Connect with professionals looking to work in Copenhagen. The gateway to the Scandinavian-Baltic region and one of the fastest growing and dynamic of European capitals, it offers opportunities ranging from high-tech sectors like IT and pharma through to logistics and shipping, for which it is an undisputed world leader. (Sweden)

Reach international profiles for posts in Stockholm and other Swedish cities

 Ours is the portal to reach people looking to work in the largest city in Sweden and the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. Coupled with its renowned quality of life, Stockholm is attractive to high-profile professionals given its dynamic service sector, embodied especially by its major IT centre in the Kista suburb. (Spain)

Recruit international talent for jobs in Madrid and other Spanish cities

 Reach people who want to work in the capital of Spain and the historic gateway to the Spanish-speaking world. A city with a fabulous cultural heritage and enviable lifestyle, Madrid is a magnet for European professionals looking to work in the numerous HQs of Spanish multinationals tapping up the best talent from around Europe. (Spain)

Find talent beyond borders for jobs in Barcelona and across Spain

 This is the prime portal to get in touch with people who want to work in Barcelona. Long the economic heartbeat of Catalonia and Spain, the city attracts scores of young professionals seeking its renowned lifestyle and high-profile positions in the region’s leading industries such as textiles, chemicals, pharma, electronics, logistics and publishing. (Italy)

Find talent beyond borders for jobs in Rome and across Italy

 Connect with people looking to work in Rome, the most historic and beautiful of European capitals. Scores of professionals would grasp at the opportunity to live and breathe Rome, and its standing as the home of numerous international organisations, including major UN agencies, and Italian HQs of many multinationals makes it a destination of choice. (Italy)

Recruit international talent for jobs in Milan and other Italian cities

 Reach professionals seeking opportunities in the indisputable dynamo of the Italian economy. A slick, vibrant and highly cosmopolitan city, Milan is one of the major business and finance centres in Europe, as well as creative industries such as fashion and design, and remains a favoured destination for professionals looking for both Mediterranean flair and high-profile, challenging employment. (Germany)

Recruit international talent for jobs in Hamburg and other German cities

 Ours is the portal to get in touch with people looking to work in one of the fastest growing and dynamic cities in Europe. Its captivating port area, myriad of canals, coupled with its primacy as a hub for major industries ranging from shipping through to publishing make it one of the hippest and desirable destinations in our network. (Germany)

Find talent beyond borders for jobs in Frankfurt and across Germany

 Reach professionals looking for high-profile positions in the financial capital of Germany and continental Europe. Centrally located on our continent, it remains a focal point for European activity, ranging from transport via the biggest airport in Europe outside of London, as well as its role as a vibrant banking hub. (Germany)

Reach international profiles for posts in Munich and other German cities

Connect with professionals in Munich. Frequently topping lists of most desirable cities in the world, Munich lies on the cusp of north and south in Europe and offers the best of all worlds. Affluent, as the strongest performing of all German cities and the home of some of the biggest global industrial brands, yet beautiful and eminently liveable. (Germany)

Reach international profiles for vacations in Berlin and across Germany

Get in touch with professionals looking to work in the German capital. A true world city, Berlin’s standing as a leader in the arts is testimony to its position over centuries of European history, while its gleaming modern look reflects its growing position as a continental leader in industries ranging from IT, pharma through to renewable energies.


And more to come…