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Video- Nature is speaking

December 4th, 2014

This is a fantastic wake up call! Check this video below on why nature doesn’t need people. To support the efforts of Conservation International, Julia Roberts offers her voice to help draw attention and bring people together in understanding why we need to live in a sustainable manner.

The growing number of people on the planet and how we live here is going to determine the future of nature.

Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts on what can be done to change our ways.

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Use The Internet To Land Your Post-Grad Dream Job

May 26th, 2014

Post Grad DreamjobResearch shows that 91% of all adults carry their mobile phones with them at all times. Here are 4 tips for mastering your digital image and bringing your media profile up to date during your post-grad job hunt.

Now, more than ever, post-grads are looking to begin their careers. Don’t be the one searching blindly or endlessly. The  following tips are a great place to start if you need help combining your profiles into one, complete, digital resume. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are key tools for those who wish to network and make personal ‘brands’ for themselves.

 Build Your Social Media Profile

Create profiles that represent you and your career interests. Be aware of the image you are attempting to share with others and make sure that you’re putting your best ‘face’ forward. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are all impressive methods of networking and building a clientele. In addition, you can share your resume and post photos of any interesting events that you are hosting or attending.

It’s important to make sure that all of your profiles look the same and use the proper grammar, so be sure to check for continuity between your profiles. Discrepancies are a red-flag for many employers, so merge them carefully! In addition, LinkedIn has a special feature that allows others to search for you by keyword. This means that you must spend a decent amount of time picking the proper keywords, to ensure that your site will show up in the list of results. Lastly, pick suitable names for your accounts and try to list all your previous experiences in a serious manner. Be exclusive as to who you add to your ‘business’ profile. Save the wild, weekend camping trip photos for your personal page!

 Job Boards and Forums

Some companies are available for hosting online job interviews and may even hire via the internet. Others even have special sites where you can go, that are dedicated solely to finding the right individuals. The benefit to this process is being able to pick their employees and hire by proxy. The best place to find these types of jobs is on niche forum boards like our city-based network or LinkedIn groups. Look for companies that are aligned to your career goals and try to contact them for opportunities.

 Skype and Virtual Interviews

Many more employees are being hired by video interview these days, because it gives the employer a greater selection of qualified candidates to choose from. Even if the job is further away, finding the right candidate among a greater selection is usually worth the additional investment to assist with the move as well. If you don’t mind a change of scenery, consider applying for jobs via your computer and see where it takes you! 

Anyone has a chance at these jobs, but generally, you want to make sure your interview skills are top notch. If you want to practice for your interview, check out the (interview app) on your mobile device to review interview flashcards. Other tips for making your interview go smoothly include debugging your video programs, making sure you are interviewing in professional surroundings and lastly, please… please put the light in front of you, not behind you.

Use Goal Setting Websites

Use a goal-setting website to set milestones for yourself to help motivate you. It isn’t uncommon for some graduates to suffer from “post-grad blues” as they begin to transfer from the university environment back into working society. As you begin on your path to your desired career, it is always a good idea to lay out your plan so that you can begin to visualize the steps you need to take. has a highly interactive, yet user-friendly website, which allows the user to freely in put any type of goal and create due dates, times and rewards for completing the tasks. You can create a goal of any length with the program unlike some other simple ‘to-do’ apps and they are currently sponsoring a free trial.

With consistency, hard work, patience and attention to detail, you can easily update your personal image online to reflect any changes in your resume. Update potential employers immediately with changes and updates, applications or questions. Network with your peers, and make sure you really network; meet a new person once a week. Be aware of who is hosting open job fairs and interviews. The post-grad blues don’t have to affect you, too. Update your digital image and soon you will have employers seeking out you.

Let us know what your experience was like and what tips you have for recent post-graduates!


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Popular Trends in Recruitment and What You Need To Know About Them

April 23rd, 2014

 Since 2007 there have been far more job seekers than available positions. This has forced many employers to adopt new hiring methods in order to wade through the masses of Recruitment Trendsapplications many receive while at the same time ensuring that they select the best candidate for the job.


How can the savvy job seeker make sure that they are maximising their chances of making the sort list? Here are two emerging trends and what you need to know about them:


The Personality Test

Ah, the personality test! The purpose of these tests is twofold. First, they seek to determine suitability for a particular position. Second, they are supposed to predict who will be successful longest if placed in that position.


Clearly there are a lot of drawbacks from a candidate’s perspective to a personality test. They can produce false results if applicants are in a low mood when they take the test, when the applicant bases their answers not on their personality at work but rather their personality at home (which can be quite different), or the applicant doesn’t understand a question.


It makes sense, therefore, for applicants to ensure that they are in a good mood, base their answers on their behavior at work and seek clarification on any question that seems unclear. Better to risk appearing confused but get a better result than to suffer in silence and ruin any chance of making it to the next stage of the hiring process.

Resume Scanning


This is a popular way for some companies to sift through high volumes of applications and CVs. By using electronic documents, employers can run a digital “eye” over the data in the document, and reject any application that does not fit the job criteria.


In order to ensure that your CV makes the grade, tailor your CV to the job description, specifically including words used in the job and person specifications. These are the words the scanners are trying to pick up. Thus, if the job is looking for a Finance Manager, make sure that these words feature prominently on your CV.


 Often times the biggest barrier to finding that dream job is getting your CV in front of the right person’s eyes. Many a candidate has bemoaned the fact that they interview exceedingly well but can’t get to the interview stage.


 By understanding the process of screening candidates and taking appropriate steps, the savvy candidate can increase their success rate and bring that dream job a little closer.

If you found this article to be interesting please let us know and share it with your friends or colleagues! If the case, we might write a follow-up article, there are a lot more interesting recruitment trends we have noticed from interacting with dozens of companies in Europe.


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Why talent hits a target no one else can hit

March 24th, 2014

There is always a market for talent

Talent never goes out of style, it is timeless. Talent has a tendency to stand out from the crowd, although that is not always the case. Sadly, there are those who don’t recognize their own talent, or the talent of others. This is a shame.

What is talent? Talent is somewhat hard to define. Many people think of talent in terms of art or performance, as opposed to business. The reality is that business is a creative endeavor, and talented people know how to harness their creativity and use it to create innovative new systems that can take a business to the next level. Talent is not mediocre.

How talent helps grow business

A business that employs talented individuals benefits from their imagination and ability to creatively solve problems. Talented employees don’t just approach their tasks as something that “needs to be done.” They approach them from different angles, finding ways to infuse their projects with their creativity, making them better. People with talent take risks and think big. While being competent may get the job done, being talented is what grows a business

Cultivating talent

You may be thinking, “Well that’s great for people who are talented, but what about me?” Well, it’s time you dusted off your talent and started showing it off a bit. Talent is a quality, and while some people seem to have it oozing from their pores naturally, others may have to spend some time cultivating it. Often, people think they have no talent because they have never found out what it is that they are talented at.

Hire Talent

What is your talent?

Your talent may lie in your attention to detail, which is a valuable talent that not everyone has. Your talent may be in generating ideas, or solving problems. Your talent may lie with people. The key is to figuring out where your talents lie, and magnify them. Make sure they are being used to their fullest. It is a shame when one spends their workday on tasks that do not showcase their talents. It may take some doing to get your talents out there and noticed, you have to be vigilant in your search for opportunities to shine. When one presents itself, don’t be afraid to go for it!

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Jobs of the Future

March 19th, 2014

Jobs of the future - Vertical FarmerNot so long ago, no one had ever heard of a SEO writer, a doula or a digital media consultant. But today these professionals are in high demand.

 So what will the job market of the future look like?  Here are some jobs that experts say will be thriving in the next 20 years:

 1. Vertical Farmer: feeding the planet is big business and it’s getting bigger.  Some experts suggest that “Vertical Farming” or growing crops up rather than across large swaths of land is one of the developing trends of the future. 

 2. Food Chemist:  In the same vein, food production is about to go high tech as it get’s cozy with emerging technologies.  With the advent of 3D computers, even NASA has announced its intention to print pizzas in space.  And where NASA goes, the rest of us eventually follow.

 3. Elderly Care Consultant/Death Doula: As western society begins to focus on holistic care – rather than just relying on medical care – there will be increasing need for practitioners who can address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of an aging population.  Like changes to birth culture 20 years ago that gave rise to the natural birth movement, there is an increasing awareness of death as an important transition that can be more natural and more gentle. Like a birth doula who today supports the labouring woman and her family, death doulas support the dying and their families.

 4. Privacy Expert: personal privacy is becoming an increasingly important – and challenging – minefield.  Who holds information about an individual, what rights does the individual have to access it, how is it being stored and destroyed, and how can it be shared?  Experts predict that privacy experts will be one of the hottest fields in the future.

 5. Hackschooling Expert: hackschooling is an emerging trend in education that encourages young people to capitalise on digital technology and create learning experiences that are tailored to their needs and interests.  Young people and their parents often require guidance on how to negotiate the sometimes rocky terrain of cyber-space and the educationalist who is also an expert at utilising technology is predicted to be in high demand. 

 Many of these future jobs require two important skills:  First is a new approach to knowledge.  It is not now and it certainly won’t be the case in the future that a graduate can receive their degree and walk confidently into the world of work having learned all that there is know.  All careers, but especially those reliant on technology, will require individuals who not only have a solid educational foundation, but who continue to learn and update their skills and knowledge in line with changes to social, technological and economic drivers.

 Jobs of the future will also require individuals with a strong emotional intelligence, who are excellent relationship builders and communicators. While the buzz is often about new technologies and how these will impact the employment scene in the coming decades, the reality is that graduates with good people skills will continue to thrive.

What other examples do you know of? We would love to hear your opinion, so please use the comment form below!

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Giving is the best communication

September 20th, 2013

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” says one famous quote from Winston Churchill.

What better way to end the week than by sharing this impressive video based on a true story. It is certainly the most moving spot pub of the year. Initially, it is the story of Dr. Kelly (died 1943) who was given a glass of milk by a girls when he was little. Several years later, he became a doctor and she was one of his patients. Seriously ill, he treated her, and at the time of payment, gave her a ticket on which was written “Paid in full with a glass of milk.”

The story was transformed over time to become that of a beggar “future doctor” staged in the film TrueMove H “Giving”. The video already rises to over 3.1 million views in less than a week!

We all take our jobs seriously every day. How much do we give back? Does your job help you contribute to the world around you? Share your thoughts below.

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Brussels Goes Green: New Traffic Lights For Cyclists And Pedestrians

August 22nd, 2013

Cycling is green. Walking too. So we want more of that. But how can current roads guarantee the safety of both cyclists and pedestrians?

Brussels is currently experimenting with new traffic lights at crossings. This new system has been put in place in a few crossings, it will be added to more crossings depending on its success in the next few months. This move follows the recent trend of adapting road measures to facilitate cyclists’ mobility in urban environments.  

Initial testing has been positive and this new system has been put in place in 2 different crossings with more to follow if the results continue to be convincing. Not every crossing is suitable for such a system as it must fulfill a number of security criteria. The new traffic lights have a single icon which combines bicycles and pedestrians which should simplify crossings. They replaced the system which used to have individual traffic lights for cyclists and pedestrians. Indeed, the traffic light will clear any confusion on the cyclist or pedestrian’s part in order to ensure their safety. Recent results show that these new lights should help filter traffic and diminish congestion, benefiting both cyclists and drivers.”
Read full article at original source.

Have you seen these traffic lights in your city too? Let us know what other cities have already implemented this system and what impact it has on you.

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Green Collars- 3 Eco Jobs for You

August 5th, 2013

It is not a secret anymore, green collar jobs are among the fastest growing sectors in the work place. But are green jobs just a “buzz” word, or do they really make a difference? We say it’s a win-win: save the planet, save your career.

The variety of green jobs attracts more and more talented professionals , offering them experiences that are not only self-rewarding, but also bring positive impact on this planet:

Green Interior Designer

Green interior designers blend style and sustainability. Your niche revolves around environmentally friendly materials—think mango wood, natural fabrics, or recycled glass. The competition is high in this sector, and even higer  in the energy efficient design area..

Disaster Management Specialist
Not sure this is a good news, as natural disasters are on the rise. Disaster Management Specialist are in charge of developing evacuation strategies and training government employees about crowd control.

Environmental Lawyer
They are the guardians of this planet. You will be protecting  endangered species,enforce pollution laws, deaing with all environmental issues.

What other green jobs ignite your interest? Share your preferences below.

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Coming Soon- A generation that will change the world

June 28th, 2013

Who is going to change our world? What do we really know about Millennials?

Despite the current economical situation in the world and the recession we all have been experiencing for the past few years, 18- to 30-year-olds seem to have a bright view of the future and are willing to work to make the world better.

Who are the “Millennials” and where does their drive come from?

A recent survey shows Millennials demonstrate a strong belief in their own ability to make their way in the world. The same survey points out that one in ten Millennials stand out for their confidence, passion and drive. Nearly two to one, Millennial Leaders are men instead of women.

Do we see them often? Probably not as much, since not only do they embrace technology, they are immersed in it, spending an average of seven hours a day online. Globally, 71 percent own a smartphone with usage higher in Asia, Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa then even in North America. Millennials all over the world can agree on the value of technology: 83% think technology has made it easier to get a job, and 87% say that technology has made it easier to overcome barriers. At the same time, however, 62% think technology has widened the gap between rich and poor.

Changing the world is indeed a tough job.. Where to start?

Overall, millennials believe the best way to make a difference in the world is to improve education, followed by protecting the environment and eliminating poverty.

 An impressive 62% of respondents believe they can make a local difference, and 40% think they can make a global difference. But in most of the world–outside parts of Europe and Asia–the majority of millennials believe they can make a global difference.

And these are just few statistics from the survey of 12,000 millennials in 27 countries (ages 18 to 30) from Telefónica that probed respondents on their feelings about technology, education, personal freedom, and more.

Check out the full report here.

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From white collar to green collar

March 1st, 2013

Why are green jobs important today? We’ve witnessed an increase in the number of green jobs being promoted lately and as the growth  is expected to continue,  economists describe the 21st Century as a “Green Collar Era.” Why is that? Let’s explore few of the benefits we see happening.

At least 3.1 million Americans already work in green jobs and green industries and businesses could help solve some of any country’s biggest problems, from pollution to poverty and economic stagnation. A report released in october 2012 by the Economic Policy Institute takes a close look at green jobs data, and finds that the growth and benefits of the green economy are even stronger than we previously thought.

  • Green industries seem to be growing faster than the overall economy. Clean energy jobs have grown nearly 2.5 times as fast as jobs in the rest of the economy.
  • States with green jobs fared better during the economic downturn. In general, the greener a state’s economy is, the better it has done in the recession.
  • Green jobs are manufacturing-heavy. Roughly one-fifth of all green jobs are in manufacturing. That’s important because manufacturing jobs are really needed as, for example, only America has lost roughly 5.5 million jobs in manufacturing since 2000.

Some of the sectors with the highest demand for green jobs are venture capital (VC) firms, utilities and environmental services. These sectors provide employment in a wide range of green positions including analysts, auditors, certifiers, economists, energy experts, engineers, investor relations, financial professionals, fund managers, lawyers, marketers, pricing specialists, researchers, scientists, and technical professionals.

According to the International Labor Organisation, right skills for green jobs are the prerequisite to make the transition to a greener economy happen. Today, skills gaps are already recognized as a major bottleneck in a number of sectors, such as renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, renovation of buildings, construction, environmental services, manufacturing.

 The European Union has tried to address the skills shortage for green jobs with specific training programmes. IDES-EDU is an EU-funded project run by the European Commission, which was created in order to respond to the need of ‘green’ professionals in Europe. In 15 universities throughout Europe, IDES-EDU offers Masters and Post-graduate courses for classes of, on average, 50 students, all above 21 years old.

 ”The project was market driven, there was a demand for it. As far as design is concerned, everything is going in the direction of retrofitting or low to zero energy. And if you will have this design you need to involve all these expertises and that’s what we are aiming for in our courses,” Peter Op ’t Veld, coordinator of the IDES-EDU project told EurActiv.

Green industries challenge that economic model. They prove that businesses can succeed without destroying our resources and our health. As the EPI report shows, green jobs are already a key part of our economy. Even in the face of an economic downturn — and with almost no long-term policy goals to send clear signals to the market — green businesses have been cutting pollution and providing millions of us with paychecks.

What do you think? What’s the impact of green jobs upon your lives?

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