So You Have the Skills for the Job, But Do You Have the Heart?

Posted by: Xavier Brooke
on May 18th, 2015 No Comments

There is a palpable difference between book smarts and emotional intelligence. You might pass every test with flying colors, promote fast as a quick learner, and rise to challenges, but will those  attributes last for the long term if that’s not where your heart is?

When recruiters and hiring managers take a look at a resume, you might expect that they are solely interested in your level of educational and career background. While that is partially a correct assumption, the truth is that they have learned to look for more. An experienced, well rounded hiring manager or recruiter will look past a list of education and jobs to look for moral-based skills, such as punctuality, reliability, and trustworthiness, if he or she thinks the candidate is a trainable person. This candidate doesn’t necessarily need to have all the requirements down for the job he or she has applied for; if the hiring manager or recruiter sees potential in a diamond in the rough, they might just hire them.

When it comes to the job you’re looking for versus your work ethic, try to identify what it is that you’re looking for in a job. Are you aiming for a specific position? If so, why? Are your goals purely monetary? Would you choose a job where you’d be happy and make less or a job where you would be stressed out but making 6+ figures?

A successful career is based on longevity. Are you focused on the end-game? If the day-to-day of a job doesn’t capture your mind, creativity, and heart, do you think it will be the job that you retire from? Skills do account for a lot when it comes to a job, but when you let your heart speak, you’ll know when you’ve found the perfect job!

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