Why the World Needs MBAs

Posted by: Nicholas Brooke
on May 12th, 2015 No Comments

In a world that is ever changing with new technological advances and connected platforms, business is changing, but the solidity needed in strong business leaders is a constant variable. The world needs strong, diverse leaders who take initiative, exude strong decision making and critical thinking skills, and have a ironclad business core.

Social enterprise is growing, as are cloud based teams. MBAs bring forth transferable skills that they can tweak to fit the jobs at hand. While business was once a straightline process, business platforms come in all shapes and sizes in today’s world. MBA graduates are better equipped and prepared to handle a variety of contemporary and traditional environments.

Not only are MBA grads going to work at top companies in every industry, but they are going on to change the face of business by launching innovative startups. In years past, MBA graduates launched companies like CarMax, Electronic Arts, and Nike. In more recent years, MBA graduates have launched online-based companies such as Angie’s List and Care.com.

MBA graduates are educated with a solid set of business skills, and they know how to capitalize on the latest business trends. Instead of waiting around, MBAs are responsible for spearheading some of the biggest advances in business today. MBAs are all around business experts who excel in a variety of situations, trusting their educational foundation and emotional intelligence to carry them forward.

Women in business are also on fire today, launching world-class businesses from home while raising families, attending school, or working in the corporate world. The MBA gives people everywhere opportunities to give back to the world while launching their very own business, adapting with business trends, and propelling the companies they work with to success.

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