Do Today’s Professionals Hold All the Pieces of the Puzzle?

Posted by: Xavier Brooke
on March 31st, 2015 No Comments

The long-running standard was for professionals to become solely trained in one trade, such as marketing or engineering. In today’s age, people are becoming skilled in a diverse number of aspects. For instance, a single person can learn a bit of coding, hold a corporate job in marketing, launch a start-up, and sit on a board of a non-profit. Is this diverse scope an advantage? Let’s consider the following:

1. Resources

Today’s professionals have access to online resources, even on the go with the era of smartphones and tablets, which lends to their success. Managing a business is more time and cost efficient than ever with internet accessibility, and gaining new knowledge is virtually effortless. Studies have shown, however, than younger generations lack crystalized knowledge because of the easy-access to information. Could all of these resources have a dark side, or can professionals today exceed in the long run with the help of the internet and 24/7 accessibility?

2. Economical Ramifications

Many professionals, especially millennials, are starting businesses to parallel their full-time careers with the hopes of transitioning to full-time business owner. In this strategy, professionals will not climb the corporate rung; instead, they will go forth with their own ventures. Will this lead to a large number of under-trained business owners, or will these professionals continue to seek out education so that they can further contribute to the economy with new, exciting services and products? Will this help our economy, or could it pose problems to our overall economic status?

3. Retirement

Professionals are going to school, working, and starting businesses, and they’re juggling more than ever to accomplish all their goals. While they’re hard at work, are they putting away enough, if anything, towards their retirement? Many business owners don’t contribute anything to a retirement funds, and many professionals don’t have time to start and continue a retirement fund in their early years of job seeking and promotion. Do those early years hurt, or do professionals and business owners fare better when they wait for a big break to invest?

Today’s professionals are changing the world and setting all-new precedents in an age of unparalleled technology and opportunity. Some of these changing trends will be for the better, and some will be for the worst. Do you think professionals hold all the pieces to the puzzle?


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