You Know Someone Has Done An MBA When…

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An MBA degree brings along a lot of changes and while some can only distinguish the benefits that directly emerge from the actual study process, there is much more than that. People with an MBA are substantially different than others in many ways. So how do you spot them? Well, you know someone has done an MBA when…

…you have a good manager in front of you.
Such a program provides them with solid knowledge of this field, therefore you will notice a good structured thinking, a panoramic view of whatever issues arise and good intuition. These are the players. They take smart risks, but have a gut feeling, mixed with a ton of knowledge, which makes them pretty amazing. They get that management is not always about being smart. You can have the brains, but as long as you can’t inspire individuals, they won’t follow your lead. People with an MBA are good communicators, they can relate to others and sell their ideas.
…you just want to go say hi.
Being a part of such various groups, interacting with people in different contexts and having a complex background brings them experiences that are worth talking about. They are the ones you want to meet when you enter a room. You become intrigued by their confident smile and you want to hear their story, learn from them and exchange opinions.
…you wonder how they do it.
They are expert multitaskers and you cannot help wondering how they can pay attention to such different things and nail them all. Often, MBA students already have a job or they are somewhat active from a professional standpoint. Successfully merging studies and work is a proof of a determined character, who strives for excellence. On a side note, this also brings along the unique skill of not spilling coffee on the keyboard while answering emails first thing in the morning.
…you start suspecting their day has 36 hours.
You guessed it! A multitasker is, of course, pretty good at time management. They know how much time a day to allocate to chores, how many hours to spend perfecting their work and when to leave the office or school premises (although the last one is rather questionable. Sometimes they just get sucked into the task at hand and switch to autopilot).
…they just know everybody.
Networking is absolutely indispensable for MBA people. At this point in their career, they cannot afford not to network and not to emphasize their potential. But it’s more than that. They have the people skills, so networking is like a fun game, where new connections are being created and every conversation is an opportunity in itself.
…they take the initiative (and possibly just a tad arrogant).
They are assertive, enthusiastic and understand the importance of being in control of their own professional path. This is why they step up when someone is needed; they are the ones who lead by example. Moreover, they don’t miss any chance to stand out and showcase their unique set of skills.
…they constantly reinvent themselves.
Sometimes, people who do an MBA can have completely different backgrounds, but this empowers them to take more brave steps towards becoming better versions of themselves. Whether it’s an abrupt change or a wish to evolve within the same field, they take smart steps and develop themselves in inventive ways.

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