Use The Internet To Land Your Post-Grad Dream Job

Posted by: Xavier Brooke
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Post Grad DreamjobResearch shows that 91% of all adults carry their mobile phones with them at all times. Here are 4 tips for mastering your digital image and bringing your media profile up to date during your post-grad job hunt.

Now, more than ever, post-grads are looking to begin their careers. Don’t be the one searching blindly or endlessly. The  following tips are a great place to start if you need help combining your profiles into one, complete, digital resume. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are key tools for those who wish to network and make personal ‘brands’ for themselves.

 Build Your Social Media Profile

Create profiles that represent you and your career interests. Be aware of the image you are attempting to share with others and make sure that you’re putting your best ‘face’ forward. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are all impressive methods of networking and building a clientele. In addition, you can share your resume and post photos of any interesting events that you are hosting or attending.

It’s important to make sure that all of your profiles look the same and use the proper grammar, so be sure to check for continuity between your profiles. Discrepancies are a red-flag for many employers, so merge them carefully! In addition, LinkedIn has a special feature that allows others to search for you by keyword. This means that you must spend a decent amount of time picking the proper keywords, to ensure that your site will show up in the list of results. Lastly, pick suitable names for your accounts and try to list all your previous experiences in a serious manner. Be exclusive as to who you add to your ‘business’ profile. Save the wild, weekend camping trip photos for your personal page!

 Job Boards and Forums

Some companies are available for hosting online job interviews and may even hire via the internet. Others even have special sites where you can go, that are dedicated solely to finding the right individuals. The benefit to this process is being able to pick their employees and hire by proxy. The best place to find these types of jobs is on niche forum boards like our city-based network or LinkedIn groups. Look for companies that are aligned to your career goals and try to contact them for opportunities.

 Skype and Virtual Interviews

Many more employees are being hired by video interview these days, because it gives the employer a greater selection of qualified candidates to choose from. Even if the job is further away, finding the right candidate among a greater selection is usually worth the additional investment to assist with the move as well. If you don’t mind a change of scenery, consider applying for jobs via your computer and see where it takes you! 

Anyone has a chance at these jobs, but generally, you want to make sure your interview skills are top notch. If you want to practice for your interview, check out the (interview app) on your mobile device to review interview flashcards. Other tips for making your interview go smoothly include debugging your video programs, making sure you are interviewing in professional surroundings and lastly, please… please put the light in front of you, not behind you.

Use Goal Setting Websites

Use a goal-setting website to set milestones for yourself to help motivate you. It isn’t uncommon for some graduates to suffer from “post-grad blues” as they begin to transfer from the university environment back into working society. As you begin on your path to your desired career, it is always a good idea to lay out your plan so that you can begin to visualize the steps you need to take. has a highly interactive, yet user-friendly website, which allows the user to freely in put any type of goal and create due dates, times and rewards for completing the tasks. You can create a goal of any length with the program unlike some other simple ‘to-do’ apps and they are currently sponsoring a free trial.

With consistency, hard work, patience and attention to detail, you can easily update your personal image online to reflect any changes in your resume. Update potential employers immediately with changes and updates, applications or questions. Network with your peers, and make sure you really network; meet a new person once a week. Be aware of who is hosting open job fairs and interviews. The post-grad blues don’t have to affect you, too. Update your digital image and soon you will have employers seeking out you.

Let us know what your experience was like and what tips you have for recent post-graduates!


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