What kind of smart are you?

Posted by: Diana Zaharia
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IQ Test

Classic IQ test question

There is a lot of progress being made in the past decades to understand and unravel the different types of intelligence we possess as human beings. For a long time we only used to refer to intelligence as the ability of abstract thinking and measure it with IQ tests.

More recently we have become more aware of emotional intelligence, as psychologists and human resources specialists underline the importance of social skills for our career. But are you familiar with concepts such as musical intelligence, spatial intelligence or moral intelligence?


What’s new?

Evidently, we as individuals seem to have at least one type of predominant intelligence and perhaps a combination of 2-3 others. The novelty is applying these to teams in order to create the sort of thriving environment where our talents combine to meet the goals of the organizations we work for.

So, we have found this very interesting infographic (see below) explaining these concepts and how different types of intelligence fit to specific roles in the business environment. We found it useful to go through, both as a mini-self assessment (it always helps to face the mirror from time to time!) but also for analyzing this in the context of our organization. Of course, you can definitely use it in the job hunt or steering your career, by understanding what role would fit you best, then trying to position yourself and make the changes to get there.

Good food for thought we’d say but let us know what’s your take on this topic! (you can use the comments section below)

What kind of smart are you


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