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Jobs of the future - Vertical FarmerNot so long ago, no one had ever heard of a SEO writer, a doula or a digital media consultant. But today these professionals are in high demand.

 So what will the job market of the future look like?  Here are some jobs that experts say will be thriving in the next 20 years:

 1. Vertical Farmer: feeding the planet is big business and it’s getting bigger.  Some experts suggest that “Vertical Farming” or growing crops up rather than across large swaths of land is one of the developing trends of the future. 

 2. Food Chemist:  In the same vein, food production is about to go high tech as it get’s cozy with emerging technologies.  With the advent of 3D computers, even NASA has announced its intention to print pizzas in space.  And where NASA goes, the rest of us eventually follow.

 3. Elderly Care Consultant/Death Doula: As western society begins to focus on holistic care – rather than just relying on medical care – there will be increasing need for practitioners who can address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of an aging population.  Like changes to birth culture 20 years ago that gave rise to the natural birth movement, there is an increasing awareness of death as an important transition that can be more natural and more gentle. Like a birth doula who today supports the labouring woman and her family, death doulas support the dying and their families.

 4. Privacy Expert: personal privacy is becoming an increasingly important – and challenging – minefield.  Who holds information about an individual, what rights does the individual have to access it, how is it being stored and destroyed, and how can it be shared?  Experts predict that privacy experts will be one of the hottest fields in the future.

 5. Hackschooling Expert: hackschooling is an emerging trend in education that encourages young people to capitalise on digital technology and create learning experiences that are tailored to their needs and interests.  Young people and their parents often require guidance on how to negotiate the sometimes rocky terrain of cyber-space and the educationalist who is also an expert at utilising technology is predicted to be in high demand. 

 Many of these future jobs require two important skills:  First is a new approach to knowledge.  It is not now and it certainly won’t be the case in the future that a graduate can receive their degree and walk confidently into the world of work having learned all that there is know.  All careers, but especially those reliant on technology, will require individuals who not only have a solid educational foundation, but who continue to learn and update their skills and knowledge in line with changes to social, technological and economic drivers.

 Jobs of the future will also require individuals with a strong emotional intelligence, who are excellent relationship builders and communicators. While the buzz is often about new technologies and how these will impact the employment scene in the coming decades, the reality is that graduates with good people skills will continue to thrive.

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