How To Get That Promotion You Want?

Posted by: Diana Zaharia
on March 6th, 2014 No Comments

Job Promotion

How to get that promotion you want

You have been at your current job for some time, and you are still in the same position. It’s great, but you are more than ready to move on up. Perhaps you have been waiting for the higher-ups to notice your skill and dedication and offer you a promotion? Even worse, maybe you have seen a couple of your co-workers promoted to positions you had your eye on! What happened? Why didn’t they pick you? Here’s the truth, when it comes to advancement, you can’t wait around to be “picked” you have to pick yourself! 

How do you do that? By positioning yourself, promoting yourself and asking for what you want.

Position yourself for promotion

What does that mean? It really means covering the basics, so that when you are reviewed as a potential candidate for a promotion, you know that you have dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s. You show up to work everyday, and you show up early. You exceed expectations. You are a team player, but also stand out as an individual.

Promote yourself

This doesn’t mean tooting your own horn constantly, or being the office brown noser. That’s just irritating. It does mean being visible. The invisible employee, no matter how effective or reliable, does not get noticed. If you don’t get noticed, you aren’t going to go anywhere.

Be visible.

Don’t shrink into the background. Yes, that does mean showing up to company events and shmoozing. Sorry introverts, that’s just the way it is. While you don’t want to constantly be shoving your latest accomplishments down everyone’s throat, you do want to take credit for your work. You want people to know what you are doing for the company, more importantly, you want the right people to know. Don’t be shy.

Ask for it!

It is surprising how often people overlook this very simple thing. Unless your higher-ups are mind readers, they will not know you are looking to advance. It may seem obvious to you, but if there are three other people who have asked for the position, and you haven’t, chances are you are not going to be the one who gets it. Let the right people know what your goals are, and where you want to go in the company, it will make a huge difference.

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