How to Use Linkedin For Job Hunting?

Posted by: Diana Zaharia
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How to Use LinkedIn for Job HuntingTechnology has drastically changed the way we operate today. Whether it is our daily commute to work or our daily consumption of food, technology has significantly changed and enhanced our experiences. Same goes for our work as work requirements have changed and are consistently changing. Skill based jobs have replaced generic jobs and the concept of a skilled based economy is quickly emerging.

 The internet ensures that connectivity among humans is maintained at all times. This dynamic addition to the way we communicate and this includes job hunting. Like everything the way we search and apply for jobs has also significantly changed. Online job portals and job networking websites like LinkedIn have brought a major shift.

Utilizing LinkedIn to find a new job has major advantages but to maximize those advantages it is important that certain steps are followed some of which are as follows:

1.Profile Creation

First things first – you need to create a complete solid profile that describes your and your career in sufficient detail in the correct order. It is important that you provide authentic, verifiable information on LinkedIn because this is your public face and any misinformation over here will haunt you for a very long time.

2.Skills based Keywords in profile

While developing your profile be sure to integrate those skills which are present in your resume as keywords into your profile. This will make your profile easily searchable for people who are looking for the skill set that you already have. This would significantly increase your chances of getting noticed on LinkedIn.

3.Building a Network

Start off by connecting to members that you know because more connections equal more opportunities. Once the primary circle of affiliates has expired you can start connecting with people based on your mutual skill set or a company that you worked in the past. There are numerous points of cohesion that you can utilize on LinkedIn to get connected to someone.

How to Use LinkedIn for Job Hunting

4.Healthy Recommendations

Once this primary structure is complete then it is time to reach out to your primary affiliates or those people who can vouch for your quality of work and skill set for recommendations. It is always better to inform your potential endorser about the recommendation request because there is no point of bombarding someone’s inbox with recommendation requests. It also gives you a first-hand insight into how the other person feels about your professionally and how health would the recommendation be


It is important to understand over here that job portals that revolves around the concept of social connectivity run on participation therefore it is important to participate as much as possible in on LinkedIn because higher participation will lead towards more visibility that automatically increase your chances of getting a new job offer.

The benefits of using LinkedIn are not limited to few yet some of them are extremely evident once your start using this platform. LinkedIn helps you get noticed quickly and has a very fast turnaround time. Potential employers can have a complete look at your education, your profile, your career progression & movement in one glance, which makes the decision of calling a candidate for one on one interview fairly quicker and easier.

Additionally LinkedIn lets you learn about what is exactly happening in the corporate world, what is the cutting edge in your field and what are the new developing skill requirements of your trait therefore LinkedIn has developed into an online platform plus a tool that facilitates in job search and match meeting.

We’d be happy to hear your opinion on this topic, do let us know what you think! Is LinkedIn useful to you for career opportunities? What tips would you offer?

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