Let’s talk about elder unemployment too

Posted by: Xavier Brooke
on January 22nd, 2014 1 Comment


Most people today are required to have a job well after they have reached 50+ years old, as retirement age increases to 62 or 65 years due to the demographic pressure. Jobs for +50 year oldsAs jobs’ security is decreasing in most countries, you need to be prepared to face a possible layoff from your current job. One of the best contingency plans you can have is being proactive and trying to find an online part-time job, besides your current one. This would allow you both to stay in touch with the latest trends and technologies, but also to use your experience and make some extra income.

The online world is a great way to find jobs for 50 year olds, so here are some examples of relatively easy part-time work:

  • Performing remote business services (managing email correspondence, data entry, transcripts etc)
  • Blogging about your passion
  • Freelancing


Performing remote business services

If you are already familiar with using a computer (Microsoft Office mostly) and you master a foreign language (like English, German or Spanish), then the good news is that you can use this knowledge and get paid for your time. If you are willing to invest 2-3 hours of work after you finish your regular you need to know there are companies on the Internet that pay for managing their email correspondence, doing a web research or manually organize large Excel files. With the new technologies, a lot of companies are looking at ways to become more efficient so they choose to outsource different activities and business processes. For this you should check out websites like Elance, PeoplePerHour or Odesk, there is a wide range of activities for you to choose from.


Blogging about your passion

Another option you should explore is creating blogs with different platforms like blogger.com or wordpress.com. Starting a blog is free and it can be turned into a good way of earning money. If you have any kind of knowledge which you think is valuable to the world, just create your blog and share your knowledge with a global audience. You can monetize your blog with different affiliate programs like Google Ad sense and Bidvertiser. You can earn through pay per click programs or different affiliate offers that are available. Most likely it will take a couple of months for you to see the results, but it’s still easy to learn as people from all ages make money this way and you will gain valuable skills on the way.



Many freelancing websites are in a wait of freelancers and offer great jobs for people over 50 years old. It is a transparent and effective marketplace for employers and employees who meet each other’s requirements. The employers describe the jobs in detail at freelancing websites and the freelancers can choose or select job of their interest. This could also be a way of earning money from your hobbies. For example, if you are passionate about photography, you can pick up projects of photography from freelancing websites and cash out on this hobby by taking specific photos of objects or places in your home town. If you have a lot of experience in Microsoft Excel, you can pick up projects that require data manipulation or automation and once you complete a job you also get the payment. For this sort of work, current prices are about 15-17 euro/hour.

These are a few examples of alternative jobs you should consider, as it will allow you to preserve a decent level of earning while working from the comfort of your home, without requiring hard physical labour or extensive qualifications.

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  1. An interesting article idea: you refer to 50 plus in the same category as ‘elder’, which I find hilarious. I wonder if many people have actually stopped to look at the faces of 50 year olds: are they seriously suggesting this is old? Maybe if they were 75. But at 50? From a young persons perspective, anyone is probably old over 30, and I used to think so too. But these days, people live much longer, so isn’t it possible that this classification just is done to allow governments to reduce their unemployment statistics?
    Here is an idea for an article: what about reducing health premiums for people based on longevity of ancestry. This could be unpopular or even seem discriminatory, but is it fair if my grandmother lived to 91, her sister to 97 or 99, her brothers to their 90s, to classify me, as a 50 year old, in the same way as a person whose relatives died at 75, 70 or 65?
    So, is my age as a 50 year old, the same as the age of the person next to me, as a 50 year old, in that sense? If not, it could be said to be discriminatory, also.
    This has relevance to employment, as employers may screen out people based on age of 50 or 55, but in terms of potential predicted lifespan, I could be, maybe, expected to around for another 40-50 years.
    To me, looking at it in this way, it starts to sound a bit ridiculous to say 50 is to be classed in the same group as ”elderly” .
    In fact, my reaction is: you’ve got to be joking.
    I would like to write an article on it myself, but you mentioned suggestions. By the way, I am looking for work as a journalist…and I am 50.

    Katrina Wood

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