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Posted by: Xavier Brooke
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Smartphones are part of our lives. Whether we want to communicate faster, send images, find nearest locations..these gadgets have already taken over our lives. In this 13 million views video on youtube , we see how mobiles are influencing our every day life, without us evening noticing the effects.

Should there be a limit somewhere , when we should say enough is enough?

Check out the video below!


There are countries today where 80% of the smartphone users have used their phone to go online every day of a week (Japan) . 73% of Saudi Arabians use a smartphone, 83% of US smartphone owners use their phones in the store ..and the list goes on here.


The 15 Countries with the Highest Smartphone Penetration:

1. United Arab Emirates
2. South Korea
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Singapore
5. Norway
6. Australia
7. Sweden
8. Hong Kong
9. UK
10. Denmark
11. Ireland
12. Israel
13. USA
14. Canada
15. Spain

To find your country, go here http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplanet/en/





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