Brussels Goes Green: New Traffic Lights For Cyclists And Pedestrians

Posted by: Xavier Brooke
on August 22nd, 2013 No Comments

Cycling is green. Walking too. So we want more of that. But how can current roads guarantee the safety of both cyclists and pedestrians?

Brussels is currently experimenting with new traffic lights at crossings. This new system has been put in place in a few crossings, it will be added to more crossings depending on its success in the next few months. This move follows the recent trend of adapting road measures to facilitate cyclists’ mobility in urban environments.  

Initial testing has been positive and this new system has been put in place in 2 different crossings with more to follow if the results continue to be convincing. Not every crossing is suitable for such a system as it must fulfill a number of security criteria. The new traffic lights have a single icon which combines bicycles and pedestrians which should simplify crossings. They replaced the system which used to have individual traffic lights for cyclists and pedestrians. Indeed, the traffic light will clear any confusion on the cyclist or pedestrian’s part in order to ensure their safety. Recent results show that these new lights should help filter traffic and diminish congestion, benefiting both cyclists and drivers.”
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Have you seen these traffic lights in your city too? Let us know what other cities have already implemented this system and what impact it has on you.

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