Green Collars- 3 Eco Jobs for You

Posted by: Xavier Brooke
on August 5th, 2013 No Comments

It is not a secret anymore, green collar jobs are among the fastest growing sectors in the work place. But are green jobs just a “buzz” word, or do they really make a difference? We say it’s a win-win: save the planet, save your career.

The variety of green jobs attracts more and more talented professionals , offering them experiences that are not only self-rewarding, but also bring positive impact on this planet:

Green Interior Designer

Green interior designers blend style and sustainability. Your niche revolves around environmentally friendly materials—think mango wood, natural fabrics, or recycled glass. The competition is high in this sector, and even higer  in the energy efficient design area..

Disaster Management Specialist
Not sure this is a good news, as natural disasters are on the rise. Disaster Management Specialist are in charge of developing evacuation strategies and training government employees about crowd control.

Environmental Lawyer
They are the guardians of this planet. You will be protecting  endangered species,enforce pollution laws, deaing with all environmental issues.

What other green jobs ignite your interest? Share your preferences below.

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