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Who is going to change our world? What do we really know about Millennials?

Despite the current economical situation in the world and the recession we all have been experiencing for the past few years, 18- to 30-year-olds seem to have a bright view of the future and are willing to work to make the world better.

Who are the “Millennials” and where does their drive come from?

A recent survey shows Millennials demonstrate a strong belief in their own ability to make their way in the world. The same survey points out that one in ten Millennials stand out for their confidence, passion and drive. Nearly two to one, Millennial Leaders are men instead of women.

Do we see them often? Probably not as much, since not only do they embrace technology, they are immersed in it, spending an average of seven hours a day online. Globally, 71 percent own a smartphone with usage higher in Asia, Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa then even in North America. Millennials all over the world can agree on the value of technology: 83% think technology has made it easier to get a job, and 87% say that technology has made it easier to overcome barriers. At the same time, however, 62% think technology has widened the gap between rich and poor.

Changing the world is indeed a tough job.. Where to start?

Overall, millennials believe the best way to make a difference in the world is to improve education, followed by protecting the environment and eliminating poverty.

 An impressive 62% of respondents believe they can make a local difference, and 40% think they can make a global difference. But in most of the world–outside parts of Europe and Asia–the majority of millennials believe they can make a global difference.

And these are just few statistics from the survey of 12,000 millennials in 27 countries (ages 18 to 30) from Telefónica that probed respondents on their feelings about technology, education, personal freedom, and more.

Check out the full report here.

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