Bringing top international talent to Silicon Valley

Posted by: Nicholas Brooke
on May 17th, 2013 No Comments

After 7 years of connecting a truly European recruitment market, we have now started to expand our network  on other regions of the world. After adding six new cities in Europe earlier in May, we are happy to announce the launch of our latest web platform, which will promote job opportunities for talented  international professionals that are looking to work in Silicon Valley,

Why crossing the Atlantic now? The demand for highly specialized foreign workers in Silicon Valley is higher than ever, as the dominant immigration conversation in this region isn’t about borders, but about talent. Despite the increase in the number of jobseekers, the main challenge companies face is still finding the right candidate for the right job. In response to this need, JobsinNetwork is now opening its platform of talented English speaking professionals to employers in Silicon Valley.

 About JobsinNetwork

Since its inception seven years ago, the JobsinNetwork has grown exponentially as it has filled a niche sorely missing in Europe: a single, easy-to-use online job portal for recruiters looking to fill positions for which English is the main working language, where only very high calibre professionals are suitably qualified. The Hubs in Europe are located in Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Geneva, London, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Luxembourg, Oslo, Helsinki, Lisbon and Istanbul.

Several easy to use and interactive Web 2.0 tools enhance the job seeker’s experience. JobsinNetwork’s client base includes large multinational companies as well as small and medium size enterprises. Easy registration allowing users to post jobs, as well as custom packages, adapt to each client’s needs – the network also includes the first job board to offer a pay per click model, implemented four years ago.

JobsinNetwork has also introduced a brand new feature allowing job advertisers to choose whether users in specific regions can or cannot see the ad, allowing geotargeting when recruiters have specific needs.

JobsinNetwork has also entered the sustainable market with the launch of last year, the IT international market with as well as the business education  sector through the dedicated portal for business schools- . Another sector site is due to be launched soon, as JobsinCommunications will be entering the industry next.


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