The rise of Green Jobs

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Will the Green economy become ‚main stream’ ? Some say it already is,  due the the growing number of new green jobs in both US and EU, not to mention the old jobs that are now adapting to the practices of a sustainable economy. Green, Eco products and services are in great demand and career development specialists agree that this move will have a huge effect on jobs at every level.

But how many jobs are we talking? Millions of new green jobs can be created around the world in the next two decades. Nevertheless, this depends on the policies that are put in place to switch the high-carbon economy to low-carbon, as the UN has said. And all these are net gains in employment for the world economy, taking into account any job losses in high-carbon industries that fail to transform.

Green jobs become accessible for everyone

One of the characteristics of the green movement is the effort to include the poor and the socially disadvantaged as a starting point for change. According to Marcy Drummond, Vice President responsible for workforce and economic development at Los Angeles Trade Tech College (LATTC), when the economy changes, “The poor are the ones who are left behind. We want them to be the first to succeed”. Over the past three years, the community around LATTC is pioneer in peer learning programs aiming to overcome traditional barriers that poor students face and which are making them a hard time taking their diploma to ensure their long-term work place,  remunerated properly. A variety of green certifications are valid at LATTC, from the installation of solar panels, sustainable architecture and landscape. Length of training programs for certification vary from a few weeks to two years.

Programs like these are not just for the underprivileged, colleges and universities in the United States already having in their curricula such specializations. Drummond believes that more programs will be available in the near future, especially because financial support will be directed by priority to such institutions.

Europe calls for a green economy

In Europe there will be over 87,000 green jobs to protect biodiversity, organic farming and renewable energy. The one billion euros investment stipulated in the EU budget for the period 2014-2020, in the “green” economy can generate 29,000 jobs in the Natura 2000 network, 6,200 jobs in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and 52,700 jobs in renewable energy.

According to a report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature organization and 6 other NGOs, using the same billion euros could generate approximately 25,900 jobs in the energy savings, mainly in construction. Research is an evolution of previous studies conducted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and demonstrates that finance investments in green infrastructure and environmental programs can generate job opportunities at a lower cost than the jobs provided by the current CAP and Cohesion Policy.

Green careers pay well

With no doubt, green careers can help the environment, however small the action may be, but nevertheless, a positive environmental is not the only reason green careers are on the rise. This sector becomes even more attractive as the green careers also pay well. More than this, green careers cannot be outsourced, which creates more job opportunities that will help a lot in economic recovery. Still, even if the driving force behind one’s desire to have a green career is monetary gain, getting a green career will still do wonders for both the environment and the economy of his or her country.

 Would you consider a green job today? Why?  Let us know your thoughts.

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