Event: Business Voice Series – Hyperthinking, 11 December

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Join us for a great session on the 11th of  December at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management!

“Change is now a permanent fixture on the world we live. News, events and ideas are constantly challenging us to change in a very short period of time while technology rewrites the rules of business and communication. For many executives, this is a real problem.” Philip Weiss, author of Hyperthinking.

On the 11th of December, Philip Weiss will be giving a lecture at Solvay on the Hyperthinking concept as part of the series “The Solvay Business Voice”.  He will join prominent Solvay alumni and successful professionals on campus to share his  knowledge and talk about a mindset that can enable us to not only survive but to thrive with this permanent change.

An eclectic mix of subjects make up the “The Solvay Business Voice” Forum – from Corruption & Compliance, Change Management and Effective Networking, to the Financial Crisis, Converting Conflict to Success, and What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur.

The Solvay Business Voice Series is managed by Corporate Relations Manager, Aoife Condren.  Aoife can be reached on +32 (0)2 6506690, +32 (0)493 682990 or aoife.condren@solvay.edu



… a unique approach designed for the modern executive to adapt and thrive in this age os vast networks, digital communications and perpetual change. The Hyperthinking model is predicated on the assumption that the most important skill required to help you and your organisation grow is the mind-set of individuals…

Speaker: Philip Weiss, Founder, Chairman and Chief Hyperthinker of ZN

When: Tuesday, 11th December, 18.30 – 20.30

More info and registration here.



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