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Posted by: Xavier Brooke
on August 27th, 2012 No Comments

September is approaching soon and it is time to get back to school for your MBA. Isn’t it exciting? All the feelings you had when you were just starting school are coming back even stronger. Coming back to school feels like a new beginning, almost like pressing that refresh button and start over.


Even if you’re a young student or you have decided to take an MBA program after some work years (as we said in our previous article, it’s never too late), coming back to school would feel good after some time and we thought we would give you a head start in order for you to make the best of it. So what is there to know when the time to go back to school comes? Well, you would be surprised to know how many things you can do as the new semester starts.

First of all, get a clear idea of your calendar and schedule. It is very important to be prepared and to have a well-established program. In a future post we will provide you with the MBA calendar ourselves, so keep an eye on the our blog. Make sure you merge the calendar with your own personal schedule so that you can have time for everything.

Secondly, one thing you can do is search for Alumni on your MBA site and see what they have to say about the program, but also keep an eye on future Alumni meetings or presentations. They have a lot to say when it comes to their education and it would be a great help for future plans of your own. And maybe your MBA offers you the opportunity to talk to them as there are business schools which make a public list of their recent graduates and by contacting them you can get a real glimpse of the life as a business school student. Plus, you will make some useful networking and the tension of starting new will easily fade away.

Also, be prepared for public speaking. Get your PowerPoint skills into action and set a higher level of presentation abilities. This will certainly make you feel more confident about talking to a wide audience and you will definitely feel prepared. And since we mentioned public speaking, don’t forget one essential thing: the dress code. You need business outfits for classes, presentations or even meetings with CEOs, but be sure to match them with your personality. Grey is not always the right colour.

One other thing you should take into consideration when you’re going back to school is your finances. This is a very important aspect, especially when you are investing in your education. And when you make financial efforts for a higher degree, maybe you should take into consideration how your MBA treats its students. Therefore, it is best to complete that student satisfaction survey that most business schools conduct. It may seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually very important to get an idea of how both schools and students evaluate their situation.

All in all, going back to school feels like a new beginning and that feeling is a very pleasant one. Need some extra advice? Well, even if you’re in a lecture or attending a business meeting, don’t forget to pack up some extra pencils, you never know when your laptop battery is going to quit. This old method is always efficient :-) .

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