The evolution of MBAs

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Business education has been around since the beginning of the 20th century and is now innovating at a faster rate than ever before.

In 1908 Harvard University’s Graduate School of Administration offered the world’s first MBA programme with only 47 students enrolled at the time. By 2008, more than 10.000 degrees were conferred annually in U.S. And even hard to believe, but online MBAs have been around for nearly a quarter of a century-1987, at Aspen University Online.

Although U.S is the birthplace of business education, today we see the BRIC economies valuing more and more the MBAs. ”With an increasing proportion of GMAT applications coming from these four countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China, there is a great will to succeed in business. With international recruiters pouring massive investment into emerging countries, and local business flourishing, recruiters in BRIC nations have begun to pay careful attention to MBA graduates, realizing the benefits of having a well-trained and experienced set of managers for their businesses.”, as the QS report shows.


The effect on students returning to their home countries after taking an MBA in North America or Europe has been profound. While some years ago the majority of MBA candidates wanted to stay and work long-term in their home countries, this figure is changing rapidly as MBAs, both for push and pull factors, are returning home to manage investments in their home countries.

“In the past, this need for qualified talent might have been met by expats [in BRIC economies] because locals didn’t have the experience and global perspective. However, having the local knowledge combined with the global MBA makes them even more competitive and valuable than the expats, hence they can command the higher salaries.” says Mary Granger , associate director of admissions and career services at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

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Share your thoughts with us. Will MBA education start to look more and more towards east for their courses, education and careers?


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