Can social media get you a job? (infographic)

Posted by: Nicholas Brooke
on December 4th, 2011 No Comments

One out of six job seekers used social media to find a job, if you focus at the range of job seekers very well connected on social media, the same figure is about one out of four. Even if these figures are mainly US based, this is true as well for Europe. The days of sending your CVs by post or giving them at job days is definitely over.

Job boards are still in second position together with newspapers with 30% against 20% for social media. @ the we believe job boards as you know them today will disappear, the futur of job boards is deeply integrated with social media and job boards will have to re-invent themselves. Dedicated job portals will not disappear, a hub to run a research and explore job opportunities is and will remain a key asset for job seekers. However, the job seeker will have to experience a rich interaction and get the most of the digital by adding the whole social media layer on top of job descriptions and company profiles.

Check the very good inforgraphic from MBA online below to picture the market trends, some network insights and user behaviors.

Social Job Search
Created by: MBA Online

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