The Jobsin Network Launches for Sustainable Jobs

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on January 12th, 2011 No Comments has entered the sustainable job market in Europe, launching a website dedicated to helping users search and apply for environmentally-focused “green” jobs. This is in response to the fact that working environments are continuously evolving with the adoption of new sustainable technologies, substances and practices – developments which have an impact upon the structure of the workforce and the job market, and generating new forms of employment and work organisation. Additionally, the evolving labour market brings new and worthwhile challenges for active people looking for a job that makes a difference.

The search for green talent has started – but the solutions which will enable the formation of the green labour market are still being developed. The shortage of qualified skills is already a reality and the education system is making slow progress in meeting the new demands. As yet, there is no proper marketplace for green talent – which is why the portal has launched, along with its associated social media platforms. Building on the pan-European Jobsin Network, blurs boundaries, transforming local and still niche green job markets into one European market – connecting a wide audience of talent to a wider audience of green employers, or employers with eco-sensitive needs.

While sustainable jobs and the green industry present a unique occasion for European growth and competitiveness, they are also key drivers for talents, allowing candidates across Europe to embrace challenging, innovative and positive careers. gives you the opportunity to make your career worthwhile.

NB: When referring to “green jobs” has taken the definition used by the United Nations Environment Programme in their report “Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World”, where they are defined “as positions in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, installation, and maintenance, as well as scientific and technical, administrative, and service-related activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality”.

About is a network of online job boards for English speaking professionals looking for employment in Europe. Hubs are located in Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Geneva, London, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

Several easy to use and interactive Web 2.0 tools enhance the job seeker’s experience.’s client base includes large multinational companies as well as small and medium size enterprises. Easy registration allowing users to post jobs, as well as custom packages, adapt to each client’s needs – the network also includes the first job board to offer a pay per click model, implemented three years ago.

JobsinHubs has also introduced a brand new feature allowing job advertisers to choose whether users in specific regions can or cannot see the ad, allowing geotargeting when recruiters have specific needs.

Together with the job portal, JobsinHubs has also developed a community by job seekers for job seekers to share best practices and enhance employability.

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