Network is the Choice Amongst Expatriates for English Language Jobs in Europe

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Jobsinhubs launches in Germany as network reaches milestone of 200,000 visitors in a single month.

Over 150,000 people looking for professional English language jobs in Europe chose the network of job boards last month. In less than two years the network has become an indispensable source for job hunters across the globe looking for English jobs in Europe. launched in 2006 and quickly followed with and Success bred more hubs and now the network spans nine countries and includes 15 major cities serving a diverse community of Expatriates and multilingual job hunters.

Several easy to use and interactive Web 2.0 tools enhance the job seeker’s experience. “These sites are great by the way, by far the best resource for English speaking professionals looking for a career change”, says job hunter Joe Eagan.’s client base includes large multinational companies as well as small and medium size enterprises. Easy registration to post jobs as well as custom packages adapt to each client’s needs.

“As an international company English speaking employees of different nationalities are important to us”, says satisfied client Patrick Peterson at design:success. has plans to open additional Hubs in major cities in Europe to continue to help the expatriate and multilingual community as well as provide crucial online recruitment assistance to companies of all sizes.

About is a network of online job boards for English speaking professionals looking for employment in Europe. Hubs are located in Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.


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